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Underwater Linear Feature

Underwater Linear Feature

::: What is it? Underwater Linear feature near Madras India

Image is over 1MB!

I stumbled across this image of the underwater landscape between Madras and Nellore. Running parallal to the land is a strange linear feature. At first I thought it was a part of the natural landscape, but after closer scrutiny I am still unsure. My best guesses are: telecommunications cable, a very long ship wake, the side of a trench or an ancient road. The albedo is quite high which indicates it may be artificial in origin, but I have not done enough research to be certain. My main reason for posting this is the fact that this linear feature is very close to the underwater cities found off the coast near Mahabalipuram.
Lost City

What do you think? The image is over 1MB so please allow time to download. It is a large composite of World Wind images pieced together. I had to enhance the image via brightness since it was quite dark. The image is extremely poor quality for NASA since the horrible grid processing feature is quite apparent. I have been informed that perhaps future release of World Wind will contain better imagery. I have my fingers crossed! The white cross hairs on the image are an indication of the image coordinates on the right. I placed the arrows to indicate where the linear feature is located. I had to move the coordinates over a bit so it does look pieced together but only the coordinate areas have been moved over to allow for cropping to make the image smaller. The rest of the image is exactly as it appears on World Wind. This is a Landsat 7 Visible image.