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Arkaim Russia- Ancient Circular Housing

Arkaim Russia- Ancient Circular Housing

Arkaim Russia

Ancient Aryan civilization achieved incredible technological progress 40 centuries ago.
Arkaim Circles

Scientists discovered mysterious circles on the area of the ancient Russian town of Arkaim, which is the same age as Egypt and Babylon.

"We still do not know, what point the gigantic circles have, whether they were made for defensive, scientific, educational, or ritual purposes."

The ancient houses were very sophisticated:
"Each house was outfitted with "all modern conveniences," as they would say nowadays. There was a well, an oven and dome-like food storage in every house. The well was branching out into two underground trenches: one of them was directed to the oven and the other one ended in the food storage. The trenches were used to supply chilly air to the oven and to the food storage. The cool air from the trenches was also creating a very powerful traction force in the Aryan oven, which made it possible to smelt bronze there. "