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July 18, 2008


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Guys, This is just a comment dealing with the anomalous lines and circles that have been found in the Southwest U.S.
If these ancient drawings are located in the great basin of LAKE MISSOULA, ten you can at least have an at the earliest time possible for them to have been drawn as being sometime AFTER 10,500 B.C. or later than 12,500 years ago since that's about when Lake Missoula drained. BTW, all of the very rich farmland located on the EAST SIDE of all of the rivers in the West came from the bottom of Lake Missoula when the winds picked the fine particulate silt up and blew it away. The very finest silt was deposited on the East side of the Mississippi river and gave rise to all of that incredible farming land there.
------------ Stormy ---

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