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February 09, 2009


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Hello ,

I am searching for satellite image of an underwater object=sunken ship at depth 70 meters in position 41-19.5N 29-13.3E.
Anyone can help me to find a satellite provider operating with such instruments and selling photos?
Thank you


Came across the strange anomaly in the sea near Harker's Island as well. After reading this website, I decided to check out the coastlines around a few areas of the world. I found another similar anomaly, right below Puerto Rico. It actually seems to look more like a square with 2 less visible lines. But similar looking lines. My best guess is this is a 3D model glitch, as it is really close to a very noticable 3D glitch above it surrounding investigator canyon. That area also shows earthquake activity too. If it really is something, idk?

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